Anime Boston 2013

Another year, another AB.  Pleasant surprises: fewer shouted memes, seemingly less-crowded entrance hall.  Less pleasant: the wait necessitated by the bag check at peak con hours.

Wore Shock (Nightmare Before Christmas) on Friday, a costume I put together for Queen City Kamikaze back in February.  Sleeveless dress made from two thrift-tablecloths, using my trusty princess-seam bodice and a circle skirt.  The wig is a Claudia in Midnight Blue from Arda.  The Hat is held on with two combs and an 8-inch long vintage/antique hatpin, which, thinking of it now, I really hope I remembered to repack.


Saturday was the premiere of Telma,

Things I learned while wearing Telma, to fix for the future:

-Wasn’t happy with the overall subtlety of both the eye dots and the nose stud.  Need to find a larger half-dome for the stud, and I may just look through the pack of Bedazzling jewels that’s hanging about in my sewing tower.  The dots will either need to be drawn larger, or I’ll see about cutting large circular patches out of appropriately-colored velvet — a la 18th c mouches.

-Watch the weight and pin distribution on the wig.  Get a welt from one of the bobby pins on the left side of my head.  Didn’t bleed, but still wasn’t fun.

-Practice the application of the right elf ear.

-Cover the bottom overlap of the toe strap of the sandals with something, because as is, they are likely to give me blisters if I walk any more than I did on Saturday.  Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the sandals held up.

-Shorten the back of the sleeve-shrug, or just chop them and attach to the jacket, since the back stretched 4-5 inched during the course of wearing it.  Also tighten the cuffs of the white sleeves, to keep them from slipping down.

-Apron was perfect.  You go, apron!

These are, of course added to the previous list of mods to Telma I knew I wanted to do even before the con: finish original top, handmade skirt trim, black applique, handmade necklace, possibly larger earrings.  Also, should I make a Louise?  She would be cute, but also something to carry around and forget somewhere, unless I incorporate a strap into her design.

While at the con, had maybe a dozen pictures taken of me, I’d guess?  Have found exactly one so far, though percentage-wise, 1-of-12 is likely better than most.




I am ever so slooooowly making my way through my list of costumes that I posted before.

Wore Lady Lovely Locks to AAC back in October, and to Arisia in January, and it sits at roughly 95% finished (sew on the rainbow ribbons and finish styling her bangs).

Wore Telma to Anime Boston this year (more on that forthcoming).  Telma needs the black patterns on front and back to be appliqued on, and then there are some replacements/upgrades I would like to make before wearing it again, but overall I was happy with her.  I’d also put her completion at around 90-95%.

For future works:

-Troll Rosella over the summer

-Rosie in time for this Halloween (either of the above, possibly worn to AAC)

-Make Ursula for Arisia 2014, with possible hopes of entering it in the masquerade(?!).

-Queen Brahne (new project!) for AB in March 2014, since there’s that FFIX group.


Not going to that place again

Returning to the Angel costume after being away, I do not foresee getting it finished for Arisia.  Which, disappointing, but I’ve developed a great dislike for rushing to finish a costume at the last minute and still not being done.  Given the sheer amount of work left to be done (including entire construction of wings), I could work nonstop through the next week and still be scrambling, so I think I’ll bow gracefully out now.

Costume is still going forwards, just deadline pushed back.