Costume Breakdown: Lady Lovely Locks



  • vaguely ‘medieval’-styled fluffy dress in pink and white
    • fitted pink bodice with round neckline
      • diamond pattern across bodice – looks quilted in animation, rainbow ribbons with bows at waist in the production artwork
      • white ruffled trim at neckline
      • round waist, or gentle pointed waist
    • puffy white gathered sleeves
      • elbow length
      • gather at elbow, 2”-4” bell hanging free
      • lacy edge in production art
    • gathered pink bell-shaped skirt
      • ankle- to floor-length
      • three tiers
        • each tier edge with gathered white trim similar to that at neck, sleeves
      • full, but no rigid support underneath

I currently have a pink cotton for the dress, but it’s pretty thin, so I’m not sure if I want to try and source something heavier.   Her dress is pretty opulent, in an 80s cartoon princess sort of way, so I want to live up to that — perhaps a thick cotton sateen.

  • pink flats
    • pink matches dress
    • gently pointed toe
    • low-cut upper
    • some sort of decoration (bow?) at front
  • blonde wig
    • hair is roughly waist-length on character
    • 3 streaks from right front hairline: gold, pink, purple
      • full length of the hair
      • remain separate from each other
    • middle part
    • three main bang sections: two facing right, one facing left
      • rightmost is purple
      • center is pink, gold, and blonde
      • leftmost is just blonde
    • chin-length lock over each ear
      • curled towards the face
    • hair from temples pulled back into –
      • includes three streaks on righthand side
    • – twin pigtails
      • back, high, side facing
      • streaks are all in the right tail, but maybe only 10% of the volume
      • waist-length
    • nape-length locks around back of head
      • ever-so-slightly wavy

Currently looking at the Lulu wig on, along with two of the long curly ponytails, all in ash blonde.

  • Pixietails
    • 1” chipmunk-rabbit figurine
    • long tails in purple, blue, pink