Costume Breakdown: Rosie the Riveter (Norman Rockwell)

Since the works of Norman Rockwell are under copyright, &c, here’s a link to the Wikipedia image page:

Her outfits consists of:

  • Welder’s goggles (midcentury)
  • Welder’s visor (midcentury)
  • Blue ‘work shirt’ (sleeves rolled up)
  • Blue denim overalls (cuffed)
  • Various pins/patches on the top of the overalls
  • Leather double-buckle wrist cuff
  • Two unidentified white objects in her pocket
  • Blue work apron
  • Orange socks
  • Brown penny loafers

Accessories include a rivet gun, a lunch pail with “ROSIE” written on it, a sandwich (turkey or ham on thick white bread), and a copy of “Mein Kampf” to rest her feet on.