Rosie the Researcher

Started research on the ‘accessories’ of the outfit, since they look like they’ll take longer to locate/manufacture than the actual clothing.

Looking at the goggles, they appear to be two separate eye pieces, with round lenses in black frames, on a leather strap. A quick ebay search for WWII-era goggles brings up several promising pairs. The tipped-back mask is more difficult to pin down, as my first searches (“welding mask”, etc) keep bringing result images that seem to be drawn more from Halo or Star Wars than anything else. A read-through of the description of the painting on (, however, tells me that I’m looking for a “visor” or “face shield”. Currently I’m looking at the Huntsman Model K ( .

The patches or pins on the top edge of her overalls I’m working through roughly in order of how easily I think I can pin (ha!) each design down. The farthest left is a Red Cross badge, and likely the simplest to both find and make. The center pin I’ve thought of as a “V for Victory”, but was confused about the lower part of the design until some gratuitous ebay research: dot-dot-dot-dash, the Morse code for the letter “V”. Proportion-wise, the design looks like this one:

wwii era envelope

WWII envelope with "V" design

Depending on the colors of the individual digital image, I can’t tell whether the badge is printed in black or navy blue; the navy blue version may have a red outline on the badge itself.

The roughly rectangular pin beneath the row is an Army-Navy “E” production badge. Surprisingly, it popped up on the first page of search results on ebay for “WWII pin”.