Researching Rosie, pt II

One of the items peeking out of Rosie’s pocket is a lace handkerchief, according to this page. Could the round item with it be a makeup compact?*

A look at one of the images near the bottom of the page (Redstone Arsenal ID, in the “Sources, Links, and Additional Information”) makes me wonder if the large, round badge over her breast pocket (the badge with a face on it) is an ID badge for Rosie’s hypothetical workplace.

The second badge from the left, looking at Rosie, I can make out what seems to be a blue squiggle inside a red-orange square, all on a white field. Could this be a version of the “loved one in service” type of pin? Those are represented by a blue star (or two, or three…) in a red square.

Following up from yesterday, one of the ebay listings for the E badge gives dimensions of roughly 1” wide by 3/8” tall – the relative size of it on her overalls had led me to believe it was larger, as well as all of the other pins. However, the larger-than-life pins would make sense for two reasons: Rockwell’s model was a skinny girl that he scaled up for the physically robust Rosie, and it seems reasonable for him to have scaled the pins as well; also, the Rosie painting is full of symbolism, and Rockwell would have wanted the details he painted to be visible by the intended audience.

*I wonder at a compact because the symbolism would be similar to that of a lace handkerchief: Rosie is still a woman, still feminine, but has deferred the outward displays of femininity until such time as when she and her country can afford the indulgence in it.