Riveting Construction Update

After a fair amount of searching for the past few months, I recently came the conclusion that I’m just not going to find overalls that I like enough to use for Rosie.

Guess I’ll just have to make them, then.  I bought three yards of the heaviest denim I could find at Joanns,  and I think I’ll pattern off a pair of jeans that I like.  It’s just a pain. (incidentally, this tutorial produces some of the ugliest results I’ve ever seen)

Anyway, I also sat down and thought about what I absolutely want in this costume by Halloween — and what I can live without.  So for now, I’m going to give up on the face mask and the lunch pail, and focus on getting the pins designed and printed (probably from zazzle) and those loafers (which are eluding me in thrift stores, so I might see if I can find something on ebay).  If I have time/need a break from sewing things, I’m going to attempt to make an approximation of that rivet gun, to give me a little experience working with pvc pipe/picking prop pieces out of a hardware store.

I have acquired a blue work shirt (this one) and have goggles (these) on their way to me.