Not going to that place again

Returning to the Angel costume after being away, I do not foresee getting it finished for Arisia.  Which, disappointing, but I’ve developed a great dislike for rushing to finish a costume at the last minute and still not being done.  Given the sheer amount of work left to be done (including entire construction of wings), I could work nonstop through the next week and still be scrambling, so I think I’ll bow gracefully out now.

Costume is still going forwards, just deadline pushed back.

Halloween Project Start!

This latest installment to the mad saga that is my sewing career concerns my favorite holiday of the year: Halloween. I have decided to coordinate with one of my housemates, and will costume myself as the element of Air, personified by wind and light. I have roughly six weeks to complete my outfit, shoehorned around the demands of schoolwork and my (ha!) social life.
We’ll see