I am ever so slooooowly making my way through my list of costumes that I posted before.

Wore Lady Lovely Locks to AAC back in October, and to Arisia in January, and it sits at roughly 95% finished (sew on the rainbow ribbons and finish styling her bangs).

Wore Telma to Anime Boston this year (more on that forthcoming).  Telma needs the black patterns on front and back to be appliqued on, and then there are some replacements/upgrades I would like to make before wearing it again, but overall I was happy with her.  I’d also put her completion at around 90-95%.

For future works:

-Troll Rosella over the summer

-Rosie in time for this Halloween (either of the above, possibly worn to AAC)

-Make Ursula for Arisia 2014, with possible hopes of entering it in the masquerade(?!).

-Queen Brahne (new project!) for AB in March 2014, since there’s that FFIX group.


Halloween Project Start!

This latest installment to the mad saga that is my sewing career concerns my favorite holiday of the year: Halloween. I have decided to coordinate with one of my housemates, and will costume myself as the element of Air, personified by wind and light. I have roughly six weeks to complete my outfit, shoehorned around the demands of schoolwork and my (ha!) social life.
We’ll see